doctoral studies                                                                                  

The Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation- State Research Institute in Puławy offers doctoral studies in agronomy and environmental protection, leading to a degree of doctor of agricultural sciences, in compliance with the Art. 11 paragraph 1 of the Act of 14March 2003, Law on Academic Degrees and Title and Degrees and Title in the Arts.

During their doctoral studies, students:

- Conduct research under the supervision of experienced research scientist,
  in the framework of the statutory activity or research projects;
- Attend obligatory classes provided in the study programme;
- Prepare scientific publications;
- Present  research results at conferences and workshops;
- Attend trainings and courses improving students’ competencies;
- May apply for scholarships, projects for young researchers, and participate in collaborative research.

PHD graduates have a preparation to work as a research scientist, in highly-specialised laboratories, higher education and other forms of education and training.